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Augmented Reality for the WIN!

April 3, 2018


We are having a blast playing around with Augmented Reality (AR) and the many way our clients can use this awesome video technology in their marketing strategies!  What is AR?  Well, we're thrilled you asked....  According to the dictionary (Wikipedia's definition was way too technical), Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.  One of our favorite examples of this technology is on a wine bottle called "19 Crimes".  You simply download an app called Living Wine Labels (it's a tiny app and only takes seconds to download) and once downloaded you open the app and hold it in front of the wine label.  Thanks to AR the wine label comes to life and begins playing a video that tells you about that criminal and about the wine.  It's incredibly engaging and a super fun user experience.  Brilliant!  AR has been around for years on a large scale but it's fun to see it trickling down to smaller branding opportunities.


We have been using this same model (but with an app called "Zappar") to show our clients how they can bring their direct mail pieces to life with AR.  See a video sample here of how we turned a run-of-the-mill print piece into an amazing video! How spectacular to be a realtor on a flyer but now be able to bring yourself to life and have a unique first introduction to a prospective client!  Or, to be a service-centered business and instead of just writing about each service you use AR and share via video more information about each service area - talk about separating yourself from the competition!  And this is why Augmented Reality is a HUGE win for brands who are starting to use it.  It takes branding to an entirely new level of engagement with each prospect.  High five!


Sounds expensive and highly technical?  Nah.  When you partner with a video firm, like, ahem, Right Point Media, it's a piece of cake, a walk in the park, easy-peasy, etc.  We simply start by creating video to be used in your AR piece, build the link, insert it on a flyer or direct mail piece and you're off and running!


Would you like to take this amazing video technology for a test drive?  Call us today and come by for a fun meeting and a studio tour.  910.264.6263















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